Sunday, 1 January 2017

writing resolutions for 2017 that I'm going to try hard to keep...honest...

It's 11 a.m. on the 1st of January here in New Zealand. It's cloudy and windy, the kids are whining and hubby has decided to clean the whole house - which basically means he puts things away where no one can ever find them again! I'm sitting in my office working on a plan for the year. But plans are useless unless you assess what you've achieved already. Right? Yeah, that sounds good to me too!

So, in 2016, I published three books - Here Comes The Rainne Again, Reckless and Caught.


With Caught, the seventh in the Invertary, Scottish Highlands series, I ended the series. (Insert sobs here!) I also wrote several blog posts for other blogs and I designed about a million book covers that I'll never use. (Cover design involves the arduous task of assessing many, many photos of topless men...hard work....) Oh yeah, I also read too many books to count. (And reread some too - Nalini Singh might just be to blame for why I didn't manage to get four books out this past year!) I also spent hours farting around on Facebook, tried (unsuccessfully) to get my head around Twitter, and I worked hard at keeping up with celebrity gossip. Oh, and then there was Brexit and the American election - don't even get me started on the hours I spent watching CNN and the BBC to follow those disasters.

In conclusion: I may need some help with time management and my TMZ and Facebook addictions.

On to 2017! (Which has to be better than 2016, right?!)

Here are my writing resolutions for this coming year:

  • Blog on here at least twice a month. 

After all, I'm sure you're all deeply interested in how I'm going to deal with my Facebook addiction...

  • Write the next in the Benson's Boys series. 

Relentless is all about ex-US Marine, Joe Barone slowly seducing super-shy office manager, Julia. Yum!

  • Write the first in my new series. 

All I can tell you about it right now, is that it involves a woman who desperately needs a second chance to make things right with a man she totally screwed over in the past.

  • Stop making so many damn book covers! 
  • Manage my time better.
There has to be a book on this that I can read to help me. Oh wait, that reminds me of the next resolution...

  • Read less books!

  • Write two more books. 
What books, I don't know. It depends what happens in the first two I write. Yep, I am just that good at planning books. ;)

So that's it! My wishy-washy list of writing resolutions for 2017. Have you made any resolutions? Are they better than mine? (Let's face it - it couldn't be hard to top my list.) :)

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  1. Just 8% more, then I'm finished with Relentless!!! What a Ride!!!! You did a fantastic Job, Janet!!! Will you tell us Callums story, too???? I think Elle could bei his purrrrfect match. Sassy, clever and sweet, even though I'm not a fan of blue hair. ���� I hope to hear about a release-date this years. Greetings from Germany